Michelle Doas, Ed.D, MSN, RN

Michelle Dellaria DoasWith over 40 years of experience as a registered nurse, Michelle Doas is utilizing her extensive expertise to help other nurses, nursing students, and hospital staff increase their emotional awareness and take proactive steps each day to combat the negative side effects of nursing.

Since she was a nursing student herself, Michelle has had a commitment to kindness, caring, compassion, and empathy towards both patients and hospital staff. Yet over her four decades working in the healthcare field she has witnessed coworkers cave to the pressures associated with the job and give into negative emotions, often creating challenging work environments for both patients and those around them. Michelle learned that along with clinical competence, nothing is more essential to the wellbeing of nurses, patients, and hospitals than emotional competence.

To help nurses practice empathy, increase emotional competence, and counter compassion fatigue, Michele has detailed practical steps and suggestions that benefit both experienced and novice nurses in her recent book, Increasing Emotional Competence in Nursing and Healthcare.

Michelle’s purpose for writing the book is to increase awareness of the power of emotional competence in nursing, and provide nurses, healthcare workers, and nursing students the tools they need to cultivate interactions that are positive, impactful, and meaningful for everyone. She hopes to empower nurses to harness their emotional competence in ways that tap into the good people that they are, and use this tool to make hectic days less stressful and provide quality care for all patients.

Nurses are amazing individuals with limitless opportunities.
Sometimes, we need a reminder…

My mission for writing Increasing Emotional Competence in Nursing and Healthcare is to increase awareness of the power of emotional competence in nursing, and to instill a constant reminder that nurses—novice to expert—are amazing people and professionals.

Nurses typically enter the profession with great enthusiasm to help others heal with both skill and compassion. They have faith in the power of medicine, science, and kindness. Yet, enthusiasm, intellect, and dedication may be overshadowed by busyness, increased expectations, shift work, and various workplace challenges. It is the hope that these types of “overshadowing variables” do not lead to unhappiness at work, and beyond. Instead, creating awareness of available tools—including the role of emotional competence—is aimed at re-energizing a profession of dedicated individuals that are the heart and soul of the individuals they serve.

Nursing is and always will be an amazing profession with limitless opportunities.


Awards + Memberships

  • STTI (Sigma), Chapter President
  • NAMI
  • PONL
  • AACN
  • Cameos of Caring Recipient
  • Caring Associate of the Month (clinical award)